Horse in motion is a stop motion animation of 11 individual frames
tattooed on 11 individual people.

A Billboard That Advertises Nothing But Clean Air.

Spray Cake - 72 hour brand startup challenge

QLEEK - Your Digital Life in the Real World.

Turn your digital life into a physical library you can play, display or share

Living with lag


Metallic tattoos

Street Football Legend Dresses Up As Old Man And Shocks Everyone At The Park

VW Polo Advert ‘Evolving relationship of a protective father and his daughter’

bit.course - by Julius Popp

Water writing on roads

Kirin Bit.Fall - by Julius Popp

Kirin Bit.Fall is a unique audience experience that shows the seamless marriage of science, art and live social commentary in the form of a mesmerising installation piece. Currently featured at Semi-Permanent 2014. 


'Melter 3-D' is a sculptural animation by Takeshi Murata. Technically a zoetrope, it achieves the illusion of motion with the help of a strobe lights or perfectly synchronized still images captured with a camera. It’s featured at Ratio 3 gallery

"Have you ever wanted to look under the skirt of Marilyn, share a shower with a rugby player, stroking the chest of a funk star, or attend an outdoor opera? With the new Instants Voyages SNCF campaign it’s possible!"

This 3D outdoor campaign is from SNCF French Railways and agency TBWA\Paris. These crazy larger-than-life ads aim to inspire people to travel to places they are passionate about.  

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