Give it Up: Composer ‘Kutiman’ Creates Entirely New Song Using 23 Videos of Other Musicians

Every ear is different - but has been treated the same. Introducing Normal, makers of custom-fit, 3D-printed earphones. 

What your face looks like through a UV camera

“Enter Pyongyang” is another stunning collaboration between city-­branding pioneer JT Singh and flow-motion videographer Rob Whitworth.

Chatroulette Guy Isn’t Doing What You Think He’s Doing. Or Is He? (NSFW?)

Horse in motion is a stop motion animation of 11 individual frames
tattooed on 11 individual people.

A Billboard That Advertises Nothing But Clean Air.

Spray Cake - 72 hour brand startup challenge

QLEEK - Your Digital Life in the Real World.

Turn your digital life into a physical library you can play, display or share

Living with lag


Metallic tattoos

Street Football Legend Dresses Up As Old Man And Shocks Everyone At The Park

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